Happy New Year!

The new year is a great time to reflect on where you’ve been and decide on where you want to go next. It’s a great opportunity to get really clear on what you want for yourself and your business and re-establish your goals and priorities.

So, I ask you, what is it that YOU want in 2013?

Would you like to…

 work with amazing clients who are joy to help?
 feel financially empowered, successful and independent?
 have an organized system for your business?
 feel positive and certain of your success?
 have a community of like-minded peers to support you on your journey?
 know exactly what you need to do to build a successful business?

Now here’s the thing – all of this is a very real possibility for you. But it only a possibility – and that’s a big ONLY – if you have a step by step plan to help get you from A to B. People don’t succeed in business when they leave their success to chance. They succeed once they are super clear about their goals and have an easy-to-follow roadmap of how they’re going to achieve them.

There’s one thing that separates the people who succeed from the people who don’t:


Yes, it really is that simple. The people who decide they’re going to succeed – who make a commitment to themselves and the people they are meant to help – are the ones who do. The ones who hope and pray and keep their fingers crossed are still doing just that – hoping and praying and crossing their fingers.

Do you want to definitely succeed or hopefully succeed this year?

The choice is yours.

Before working with Jordana, I didn’t have a marketing plan or any consistent marketing strategies, and I often got side-tracked. I felt very clueless and alone. I wanted someone to bounce ideas off of and I felt like an imposition when I asked my friends and family for their opinions. I can say without any reservation that every penny I have spent working with Jordana has been worthwhile. With Jordana’s guidance and support, I have a cheerleader, I stay on track, and I don’t get ahead of myself!

In the first 2 months of working together, I led my first workshop and developed a solid marketing plan. I hired SEVEN interns, and am soon to published in a book as an organizing expert as well. My sister commented to me the other day that she thought I was making more progress this time around with Collected Spaces than with my other business that I was working on before. She is so right, and I am enjoying the process more too! My secret: working with Jordana.

Teresa Nicola
Collected Spaces

A defining moment happened to me in March 2007. I was 24 years old when I decided to start my own professional organizing company. Now let me first say, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. While I knew that I loved helping people get organized, I didn’t know the first thing about being an entrepreneur. I was totally clueless – I hadn’t even taken one business, finance or marketing class in college (I was an English major!).

For the next few years, I tripped, stumbled, and learned the ropes of being my own boss along the way. At points the journey was amazing, other times overwhelming, and definitely an adventure throughout. Since that fateful day back in March 2007, my company, live ORGANIZED, has been featured on NBC, in Women’s Health, People, New York Family magazine, and the New York Daily News. My team and I have helped many clients organize their homes and offices and give them more time, space, and money in their lives as a result.

While you can achieve a level of success without the support of the mentor, what took me over 3 years to accomplish now takes my clients 6 months to achieve. If that isn’t a serious shortcut, I don’t know what is.

69Before working with Jordana, I was feeling insecure about the direction of my business. I knew what I wanted to do, but had no idea how to execute it, or who my ideal audience was.

I was hesitant to work with a coach because I thought that if I just kept trying, I would eventually find the answers. I have to say that in my first call with Jordana, I started to become clear about the direction I was going in, and my perspective completely shifted. Jordana is a master at helping you focus your energy into your business, where to take the next steps, and who to direct your attention to. She took my idea and showed me how to turn it into a money-making business! 

Working with Jordana has been such a time-saver and was an invaluable investment, not just in business, but in myself.

Leila Wolford
Confidence Coach

Are you ready to:

Wake up in the morning feeling confident and energized?

Feel peace of mind around money?

Have a clear and customized marketing plan to help you get clients?

Work with only your ideal clients?

Receive support and accountability for like-minded entrepreneurs?

 For those of you nodding or jumping up and down in agreement:

This is exactly what I need for myself and my business,

sign me up today!



Before working with Jordana, I wasn’t taking necessary action to create more abundance in my life. Jordana gave me the tools to actively rather than passively peruse what I wanted and needed in aspects of my life that I felt needed fixing. She asks the important questions I wouldn’t even think to ask myself to get to the root of where my issue lies. She’s also so great at helping me work through the issue to attain clarity. I wholeheartedly recommend Jordana and I’m so glad she’s in my life!

Be Well
Fitness Trainer, www.natalierado.com


Here’s Just a Preview of What I will Cover in DETAIL during this Exclusive Program . . .

Class 1: Money, Money, Money

How to budget effectively, save consistently, and know exactly what’s coming in and out

Result: Your relationship with money will skyrocket, you will feel calm and peace of mind around money, and you will be 100% clear on how much you need and want to make every month.


Class 2: Marketing 101

Craft an easy-to-follow plan to help you attract your ideal clients to your business

Result: You will know *exactly* what to do to get clients and build your business, you will feel confident about your success, and you will feel calm about the next steps to take.


Class 3: Manage and Organize

Create a system to support your business today, and as it grows!

Result: Your business will have a system and structure – it will be easy to keep track of current, prospective, and past clients, and you will be clear on how to best spend your time in order to get your business to the next level.


Class 4: Mindset Shifts

Develop a positive mindset and become certain of your success

Result: You will feel calm and confident about the success of your business and be able to take consistent and decisive action to make your goals a reality.


Class 5: Open Q&A Call

Result: Get all of your questions answers and have total clarity about your next steps

BONUS #1 Complete MP3 Recordings of All of the Calls
Class recordings will be conveniently posted on a secure web page for you to download to your favorite listening device.


BONUS #2: Downloadable Worksheets for All of the Calls

  • Budget template for expenses and earnings
  • Client tracker spreadsheet
  • Email templates and scripts
  • ….and much more!




Yes, Jordana, I’m ready to succeed this year.

Let’s get started!

Value of Program: $1995 

** Investment: $397 ** 




Working with Jordana has been nothing short of a fabulous experience. Not only is she extremely personable and kind, always asking how I’ve been, but from a business standpoint she has taught me innumerable lessons already! I have gone from simply having a distant idea of wanting to start my own health-based business to having concrete steps in mind. 

Patricia Moran
Fitness Trainer


 Just imagine how much your life can change this year.

All you need to do is a make a decision.

I’m so excited to connect with you soon.

 To Your Success!

Jordana Jaffe - Founder, Embarkability