The Team

Lisa Nelson RD

Lisa Nelson RD
Project Manager

Lisa Nelson RD provides project management and “Get it done!” services so you don’t get bogged down in the little stuff and continue to move your online business forward to reach a larger audience in need of your services. The founder of Health Practices Online, Lisa works with busy professionals in the health, wellness, and coaching industries who at times are overwhelmed by everything involved with establishing and growing an online presence. Together you will determine what business tasks you need to handle yourself, what can be delegated (and to who!), so you take immediate action towards making your online business financially successful.

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Megan Roop

Megan Roop
Client Care Manager

Megan Roop is the Client Care Manager who ensures expectations are exceeded for all clients and partners of Embarkability. Megan helps Entrepreneurs wake up every day to a business that allows them to spend more time in their zone of genius thus increasing revenue.

She develops and implements processes to ensure businesses runs in a smooth, organized and sustainable way.


Elizabeth Blue

Elizabeth Blue

Elizabeth Blue is a copywriter for women entrepreneurs and a writer/performer of original theatrical solo shows. She creates connection between brilliant entrepreneurs and their community through writing copy for group programs and online events, as well as through assisting with video & event scripts.

She works with women in various stages of their businesses, including many who have crossed the six-figure line in their businesses.


Joy Molfetto
Personal Assistant

Joy Molfetto: I graduated from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 2008 and have been busy keeping crafty ever since. I have dabbled in everything from soldering jewelry to screen printing. My favorite craft is sewing chic cafe curtains for my retro kitchen. I recently have embraced my inner athlete. I am running my 2nd Rugged Maniac 5k and am a licensed scuba diver. I am a Brooklyn girl born and raised. Recently, I moved to Queens with my fiance where we’re busy planning our 2014 nuptials. At Embarkability, I’m Jordana’s go to gal. I’m one of those people we all wish we had on a busy day. I take care of everything from remembering the dry cleaning to data entry. I make Jordana’s to-do list a done-it list. Being a personal assistant means helping Jordana keep her schedule open for important things…You!