Sarah-StimsonI participated in Jordana’s 6-month new Entrepreneurs Business Blueprint Program, and boy am I glad I took that step. I was starting from zero and had absolutely no idea how to start and run a business. From day 1, Jordana absolutely believed in me and was so enthusiastically positive that I would succeed. It was contagious, and infused me with the confidence I needed to take action on my dream. She gave me all the tools to build a successful organizing business, as well as constant moral support whenever I had doubts. For me, the greatest gift she gave me was her accessibility. She was totally and completely available to me and responded quickly whenever I had a question, concern, or victory to share.

The program was paced in a way that helped me set solid plans, and then gain momentum once I actually launched. She provided templates, scripts, resources, and experts who helped me piece together all the components I needed. She helped me define my niche, market my services, and create a client base that loves the work I do.

Jordana has a wonderful way of holding me accountable and challenging me without being pushy. I highly recommend her to anyone who has an idea and a desire to build something but is unsure of how to make it happen. Jordana will make it fun and easy, and then will be there on the other side to celebrate with you. Thanks to Jordana’s support, encouragement, and know-how, I have built a organizing business that is growing and thriving and allowing me to get paid well to do the work I love.

Sarah Stimson | Embrace Your Space NYC |

Chrissy-CarrollWorking with Jordana was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. Before her program, I felt really overwhelmed, even though I wasn’t working with a large number of clients at that point. While I was confident in my ability to provide stellar nutrition coaching, I was not very business savvy and didn’t know much about how to get clients or how to run a business. Jordana helped me figure out the specific areas where I needed to focus my efforts in order to meet ideal clients and strategic partners.

I had been making up reasons in my head why I couldn’t grow my business, and her coaching helped me to break through those self-limiting beliefs and recognize all the ways I could grow (and am growing now!). Plus, her coaching style was just what I needed – someone who was part cheerleader, part best friend, and part “I’m going to give you a little tough love to break you out of your comfort zone”. I always felt supported yet pushed, which was what I needed. As a result, I now have more clients, a greater income, and am proud of my business and what it’s becoming!

Chrissy Carroll | Nutrition Coach |

Genavieve-ShingleWhere do I begin? I am a lawyer and never dreamed that I could actually have my own business. Two months ago, I wrote a journal entry. The piece then turned into a business idea, which Jordana developed into a whole business plan. I just launched my business on November 9, 2013 (five days ago), and I already have my first client and was offered a feature (with a photo shoot!) in the New York Post! Yes, this all happened in two months and it just started with a simple, heartfelt letter. I was always skeptical about business coaches because I thought that I could just “do it on my own”. I can now totally admit that I was wrong and Jordana is really to credit for everything that is happening now with My Little Vow!

Genavieve Shingle | Wedding Vow Writer |

jess-rI never dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur and always took comfort in a steady 9-5 career. So, when the concept of starting my own nutrition and fitness coaching business snuck up on me (after enrolling at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition), there was only one person who could help me bridge the gap between my naivete and a thriving business. Jordana has held my hand every step of the way — from my business’ inception to brainstorming strategic partnerships to present day consultation on best companies to accept recurring credit card payments (!). She was excitedly thrilled when I got my first client and she is still the person I can’t wait to share my “wins” with each time. Jordana is a steady source of knowledge and reliability and I am truly thankful that I have her on my team.

Jessica Rothschild | Nutrition + Fitness Coach |

euniceBefore working with Jordana I felt frustrated and stuck in my business. After working with Jordana I’ve made big decisions that have been empowering and fulfilling in a meaningful way. I consider myself to be a big ideas person, a creative type, not necessarily skilled with a business plan or the details that it takes to run a successful business. Jordana’s support was vital to me turning my business into something I’m passionate about and truly love showing up for every day.

Eunice Wharton, LICSW, RYT | Founder of Taking Care of You, LLC |

View More:’ve been working with Jordana for almost four months. In that short block of time, I feel like I’ve completely revamped my business. I restructured my program offerings and took my business primarily online, rewrote my entire website so it truly speaks to my ideal client and divulges the details of my story (even the not-so-sexy ones), started a newsletter and now have hundreds of subscribers, hosted my first teleseminar and obtained two clients at my new rate (double what I was charging  pre-Jordana). I’m grateful for our work together and can’t wait to see what the remainder of our time together will bring to my business!

Amanda M. Hayes, CN, HHC | Founder, Amanda Hayes Nutrition + Wellness |

Jordana is great, very understanding and holds a wealth of knowledge that she brings out as needed. I always feel supported with whatever I have going on, which makes me feel like she could be my mentor and friend rolled into one. After working with Jordana I am experiencing improved confidence and the ability to try things that I didn’t think were possible. Through our work I got my first paying client! With Jordana I always felt challenged and supported, which helped me move forward at an accelerated pace!

Sazzu Hope | Vibrant Energy Health Coach |

Before working with Jordana I did not know where to begin or how to generate income with my business. I was really struggling with what I should set my prices at, as well as how to reach out to other businesses and begin networking. I just felt like I was the newbie on the block without any resources. As a result of working with Jordana my mindset became really clear, and allowed me to create the change I need within me that generated the changes I needed in my business. Jordana reminded me to worry less, and focus on creating more. She supplied me not only with tips and tricks of generating income and networking, she gave me the tools to get organized and streamline the entire business process. The results are amazing. I am not afraid to share my worth, and clients know I am worth it, what’s more I am making more! I’ve made business relationships that are long lasting, and solid, because Jordana taught me how. I am so excited, feeling refreshed, and truly living my dream.

Anna Brouhard | Mama Blossom [email protected] |

Before working with Jordana, my efforts were scattered and over-complicated. As a result of working with Jordana, I am laser-focused through clarity. She possess the perfect mix of humanity/humanness and business acumen.  This is a rare quality, and in my opinion, her greatest asset.  Showing me that mindset is just as key as all the calls and emails, maybe even more so, was a big Aha for me.  All the efforts in the world won’t make a difference without the mindset shift is what I learned from Jordana.

Carey Kane | Improv Yourself! (305) 968-6502 |

Before working with Jordana, I had attempted to start a business selling jewelry accessories. During this time, I didn’t have a marketing plan or any consistent marketing strategies in place, and I often got side-tracked. I felt very clueless and alone. I wanted someone to bounce ideas off of and I felt like an imposition when I asked my friends and family for their opinions. When I created Collected Spaces, my professional organizing company, I started to look for a mentor. One of my friends said that all the information I needed I could find on the internet, and that investing in a coach wasn’t necessary. However, I can say without any reservation that every penny I have spent working with Jordana has been worthwhile. We all have our own priorities and goals, and I wanted someone who would make my success one of their priorities. With Jordana’s guidance and support, I have a cheerleader, I stay on track, and I don’t get ahead of myself! In the first 2 months of working together, I led my first workshop and developed a solid marketing plan. I hired seven interns, and am soon to be published in a book as an organizing expert as well. My sister commented to me the other day that she thought I was making more progress this time around with Collected Spaces than with my other business. She is so right, and I am enjoying the process more too! My secret: working with Jordana.

Teresa Nicola | Collected Spaces – Helping clients in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, | [email protected] | (818) 284-9630 |

Before I met Jordana I knew I wanted to start my own business, but I didn’t know whether it was really possible. Working with Jordana has been eye opening and productive. Every session we get right down to business and after each call I feel so much closer to my goals. Should you want to hear more about my experience working with Jordana, please feel free to reach out to me.

Shola Adisa-Farrar | Project Manager for Creative Entrepreneurs | [email protected]

Working with Jordana has been truly a blessing and honor. When I was accepted into the Embarkability program I knew I was on the right path to starting my own business. Every week Jordana sends me weekly worksheets where she breaks everything down into simple steps. Her worksheets and advice are essentially the baby steps to forming my entire business plan. Should anyone question the value of working with Jordana, I would be happy to speak with them.

Emily Matles Organizing | 646.369.8933 | [email protected]

Working with Jordana has been nothing short of a fabulous experience. Not only is she extremely personable and kind, always asking how I’ve been, but from a business standpoint she has taught me innumerable lessons already! I have gone from simply having a distant idea of wanting to start my own health-based business to having concrete steps in mind. Jordana has been also extremely encouraging and supportive of my ideas, pushing me to have everything ready so that when the time comes to put my plan into action, I will be more than prepared.

Patricia Moran | Fitness Trainer  | [email protected]

Before working with Jordana I was worried about generating enough business to live comfortably.  I have always loved my work but the added stress about finances was difficult to deal with.  I had my own ideas about networking with people and building a name for myself so I wondered if a coach could really provide me with any new insight.Then I met with Jordana and talked through my ideas and goals with her.  I realized I needed more confidence in myself and my abilities.  Being pushy is different from being helpful.  Jordana helped me see that difference.  She reminded me of my worth on a personal level as well as on a professional level.  I have a more concrete plan of how to achieve my goals and know that I can and will achieve all of them soon.  Working with Jordana has left me feeling empowered.  I chose to invest in myself and my business when I decided to reach out to Jordana.

Jessica Moskowitz, LCSWPsychotherapist | [email protected] | 212-757-5572

Before working with Jordana, I was feeling insecure about the direction of my business. I knew what I wanted to do, but had no idea how to execute it, or who my ideal audience was. I was hesitant to work with a coach because I thought that if I just kept trying, I would eventually find the answers. I have to say that in my first call with Jordana, I started to become clear about the direction I was going in, and my perspective completely shifted. Jordana is a master at helping you focus your energy into your business, where to take the next steps, and who to direct your attention to. She took my idea and showed me how to turn it into a money-making business! Working with Jordana has been such a time-saver and was an invaluable investment, not just in business, but in myself.

 Leila Wolford | Confidence Coach | | Twitter: @LeilaOnLife