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Welcome, love!

You’re about to enter an amazing community of love-filled, go-getting entrepreneurs who are committed to doing and sharing BIG things in the world – just like you – all while trying to keep their businesses and lives organized. 

So, with that in mind, I created something for you.


Welcome to The Organized Entrepreneur Community!




:: a community of high achieving entrepreneurs who support each other as they work towards creating a more organized business and life for themselves

:: every week, there would be a new small action for you to take to help you become a more organized entrepreneur

:: the community’s home is a private Facebook group



(these are just a sample; you’re always welcome to offer suggestions, as this community is for YOU!)

:: map out your larger-than-life project

:: simplify your budget

:: organize your weekly schedule and daily routine

:: master your to-do list

:: create a workspace that’s both productive and calming

:: manage all of the paper clutter



:: you have hundreds of people to support you in your journey

:: you have support, love, and guidance from me as well! (typically, people invest hundreds of dollars to have direct access to me)

:: the investment is only $15/month




:: you feel more ease and calm in your life

:: you feel more confident as a business owner

:: you save a bunch of time (since you’re no longer searching for things for hours)

:: you save a bunch of money (since you know how much you have, so you no longer buy duplicates, and you no longer misplace checks or forget to send invoices)

:: you’ll be way happier. plain and simple. and isn’t that we all really want when the day ends?

What do you say? I kinda think it’s a no-brainer.

Awesome Community? Check.
Support from me? Check.
Weekly Actions to keep you on track? Check.
A More Organized Business and Life asap? Check. Check.


All for the amount of one pedicure.



:: who is this community for?

This community is for entrepreneurs who feel like disorganization is costing them money, clients, happiness, sleep, sanity, or all of the above. It’s for business owners who know that life will be so much easier once they become a bit (or a lot) more organized.

:: are there only certain kinds of businesses that would benefit from this?

Nope. Whether you design websites or create healthy meal plans for people, the same organizing principles apply. 

:: are there refunds?

Nope. Once you’ve paid for the upcoming month, you’re committed to it. That said, should you ever feel like The Organized Entrepreneur Community isn’t the right fit for you, you’re welcome to cancel at any time. 

:: can I participate one month at a time?

When you sign up, your credit card is set to be billed every month, as there is no end to the program. That said, you’re welcome to cancel at any point should you feel like the Community is no longer a good fit for you. Please just email my team at [email protected] and let us know you would like us to cancel future payments. 

:: what is your cancellation policy?

If you would like to cancel your membership, please let us know asap so that your card isn’t billed for any future months. 

:: what if the week’s adventure or month’s topic doesn’t apply to me?

No problem! Each week’s Organized Entrepreneur Adventure is simply a suggested action for you to take to help you become a more organized entrepreneur. That said, the Community is a space for you to bring any and all of your organizing obstacles at any point in time no matter what the adventure of the week is. 

:: can you help me immediately – I have a specific organizing obstacle that I need support with stat?

Yup. Just post your organizing obstacle on the page, and we (the community and me) will offer suggestions and solutions to help you. 

:: when and where is the adventure posted each week?

Each week that adventure will be posted on Monday on the Facebook group. 

:: will you respond to every post on the page?

It is my intention to respond to every post on the page. That said, I think that there is value in everyone’s comments and support. If I don’t respond to your post and you really would like my input, please just tag my name and I’ll be sure to respond to you.

I’m deeply committed to helping as many entrepreneurs as possible plan more in their businesses so that they can play more in their lives. 


So, let’s get the party started, shall we?



Sign up here:

The Organized Entrepreneur Community
Price: 15 Per Month

Once I receive your info, I’ll add you to the private Facebook group, and then you’ll be able to see this week’s Organized Entrepreneur Adventure.


love and spreadsheets,

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