Our System

Before we go any further, you REALLY need to get this:

There is a super successful, beyond your wildest dreams, entrepreneur of the year award-winning, shining star of a woman business owner inside of you.

She ALREADY exists.

How exciting is THAT?

So, SUCCESS already lives inside of you. The Embarkability System simply helps bring your inner millionaire to the surface.

The Embarkability System

There are 10 simple steps to starting your own business that make up The Embarkability System:

1. Discover Your Dream

Identify what makes you happy and what you REALLY want to do with your life.

2. Get Clear On Who You Want To Work With

Research your target market, learn what they need from you, and become a client magnet, so that they come running to you!

3. Address Your Business Essentials

Choose a business name, tagline, set up your website, and discuss the legal and financial steps to take when starting a business.

4. Outline The Prospect-To-Client Process

Map out exactly what to do from the moment a prospect contacts you to the time when they sign up as a client, describe the programs you offer, set the right prices, learn how to close the sale easily and effectively, and automate the prospect/client intake process.

5. Get The Word Out

Let everyone know about your business, network where your ideal clients are, create strategic alliances, develop social media campaigns, and design your weekly newsletter.

6. Convert Clients Into Raving Fans

Create meaningful relationships with your clients, and construct a stay-in-touch plan with them.

7. Celebrate Your Strengths And Delegate Everything Else

List all of your non money-generating activities (for example, bookkeeping and data entry) and delegate/outsource them to people who love doing them.

8. Be You – Act From A Place Of Authenticity

Prepare yourself for risks and failure, think outside the box, and reassess your relationship with fear.

9. Think Positive Thoughts – Always

Write a list of instant mood boosters, surround yourself with positive people and positive energy, prioritize self-care, and practice gratitude on a daily basis.

10. Create An Automated Marketing Plan

Write an Operations Manual for your business, and plan your calendar in advance so that everything is organized and ready ahead of time.