Hi there, new entrepreneur!

Enough is enough. It’s time for you to stop taking actions that get you halfway there and giving way too much of your energy for very little return. You must be tired!

And I won’t have any of that for you. So today marks a fresh start. Today, you will begin to discover exactly what strategies and actions will help you make the biggest impact so you can grow your new business easily and exponentially.

If you’ve been spending your time (read: way too much time) trying to sort through all the information out there, you’ve probably realized that (a) it doesn’t get you very far and (b) it eats up way too much of your precious time and energy.

Plus, that kind of wheel spinning just keeps you in business limbo, rather than giving you the power to strategically create the results you want.

And that’s why I brought 22 successful, accomplished women entrepreneurs together in this one-time event, The New Entrepreneur’s Business Blueprint! Over five days, I hosted my dream team of female entrepreneurs, who shared not just their secrets to business success, but their own phenomenal expertise ranging from marketing to networking to systems to money — and much, much more.

Here’s just some of what attendees shared about their experience during the event:


“I would be remiss if I didn’t thank you for putting together such an amazing, life changing event! My life has been transformed from the inside out and I’m more excited than ever about fulfilling my purpose through my business.”


“A quick note to say I’m finding the interviews SO valuable. AND I really appreciate your style, tone and questions. You are a great interviewer. :) Thank you for what you’re providing.”

“Thank you SO much Jordana for your genius & putting this program together! I just listened to your interview with Stella Orange which was fantastic!”

My Guest Experts Spoke on Everything From:

How to create marketing copy, that connects with your ideal clients.

How to get into public speaking, and use it as a platform for building your client base and spreading your message.

How to get over on-camera fears and use video to build your business (fancy equipment not necessary).

What you need to do to go from being glued to you desk for 80 hours a week to having the lifestyle you want.

Why women tend to overcharge, and how to shift this (within minutes).

How to use money rituals to boost your income.

The systems you need in place yesterday to save you time, money and stress (and how to implement them today).

The legal details every businesswoman needs to have under her belt.

How to build relationships with major influencers, give them value (even if they fell our of your league) and build your business immediately as a result.

And that is not even half of it!

This seminar package is truly an all-in-one resource that provides you with exactly what you need to know and do in order to make an impact in the world and set yourself up for success!


In fact, these super accomplished entrepreneurs were right there in your shoes not too long ago.

They were right there with you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and confused, and wondering how many hours they’d have to sit with their laptops glued to their thighs until they started to make the kind of difference (and money) they so badly wanted to.

They were right there with you stressing about the business expenses that kept piling up, having those awkward first-time client conversations, feeling clueless about how much to charge, and how to get clients to take out their credit cards and say yes.

They were right there with you feeling overwhelmed by the (seemingly) saturated marketplace and doubting their own ability to stand out from the crowd, and wondering if they really had what it takes to have the kind of success they really desired.

And just like you, they knew in the depths of their core that they had a strong purpose and had something valuable and unique to offer to the world – if only they could figure out how to find (and connect with) “their people.”

Well, lo and behold, each of these 22 women broke through these barriers in their businesses big-time (HOORAY!), and in this free event, they’ll be teaching you how to do the same in yours. YES!

Because the secret is (c’mon lean in a little to hear this): no matter how valuable your service or product is, if you don’t have a plan, strategy, and an understanding of the marketplace, you won’t move forward and you won’t stand out.

I know firsthand how overwhelming it can feel trying to get your business off the ground as a new entrepreneur.

Moving back to my home city of NYC right after graduating from a small liberal arts college in a tiny Pennsylvania town, I had no idea what starting my own business would demand of me. I was just a clueless 24-year-old English major — I didn’t know a thing about how to start a business — not to mention successfully run a business!

But there was one thing I did know for sure: I’d rather be scared sh*tless about how clueless I was around starting a business than to resign myself to an empty, meaningless job, and ultimately, for me, life.

I knew there had to be a way to make money and find clients, doing what I loved to do. So, from scratch, I created my own organizing business and paved my way as a successful entrepreneur.

And by “paved” I mean: I grinded, hustled, freaked out, pushed hard — and kept going.

I spent the first few years overwhelmed with anxiety, frustration, and constant fears about money. There would be moments of “wins” but I couldn’t manage to consecutively make the kind of money I wanted to be making, or find the clients I dreamed of helping. I was stuck in feast or famine cycles. And during those famines, I felt like it was me and self-doubt hand in hand, and all I wanted to do was end our friendship.

Familiar feeling?

But, I was determined to stay on my path. After all of my “paving,” I managed to build a successful organizing business in the heart of Manhattan. My business, live ORGANIZED, went on to be featured on NBC, in Women’s Health, People, New York Family magazine, and in the New York Daily News. My team and I helped hundreds of clients organize their homes and offices, giving them more time, space, and money in their lives as a result.

After discovering what it takes to get a business off the ground in a BIG way, I wanted to help all the women out there who were like me, shuffling and spinning — to get focused, make a plan, and succeed! I knew how much heartache and frustration I could save other women by providing them the know-how, support, and guidance to launch their businesses forward.

So that’s exactly what I started doing. Today, I work with women who are in their first two years of business, and I help them to achieve in six to twelve months what took me 3 years to accomplish!

It’s the most fulfilling feeling to watch these women succeed, going way beyond the place where they wanted to be when they first came to work with me.

If, as a new entrepreneur, I had been able to — with a click of a button — to get access to business training from 22 women who could support and guide me and share their own stories of success, it would have not only saved me time, money, and struggle, but it would have allowed me to have the lifestyle and success I desired so much earlier in my career.

This is why I bring this to you — to arm you with just what you need to know to launch your visions into reality.

  • Downloadable Mp3′s of each of the seminars. You can listen and re-listen to the classes on your iphone, ipod, or computer at home, on your way to work, or even while working out!
  • Transcripts of the seminars so you can easily go back and read them, take notes, highlight, and have your own how-to guide by your side.
  • The New Entrepreneur’s Business Blueprint Bonus Toolbox, featuring bonus products from our experts to give you extra support as you implement all these new strategies into your business and lifestyle.

Kristen Domingue is the founder of Ignite!, a personal branding and style consultancy that helps femme-preneurs link their personal style to their brand, and their brand to their purpose.

From Heart-Centered to Purpose-Driven: THE Make-or-Break Secret to Get Your Message “Out There” And Your Money “In the Bank.”

Wish you could get your work seen by more people so they can say YES to working with you? Wonder how you can stand out from every other fill-in-the-blank doing what you are doing? Want to stop getting clients who are all over the map that you have to do everything and anything for just so you can make a little bit of cash? Then mark your calendar. This call is ESPECIALLY for you. In this conversation we are going to illuminate the answer to all three of these questions. AND we will tell you exactly:

  • How to get the spotlight AND the microphone so you can attract the perfect clients and be more than “another pretty face” online (Before you sink a single dollar into web design, you MUST know this to actually have your website convert)
  • What your purpose has to do with your business and your brand (And why it’s make-or-break to figure out your purpose NOW. Some businesses will never get off the ground without it, and most businesses owners won’t know it until it’s too late)
  • The pitfall of being “heart-centered” when you’re just starting out, and the unfair advantage you get when you trail-blaze with your purpose (How a single Google search will banish this phrase from your vocabulary permanently and what to say about your work instead)


Selena Soo, founder of S2 Groupe, is a business strategist for personal brands, focusing on marketing and publicity, and helps visionary entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches reach more people and change the world.

Champagne Networking – How to Create Meaningful Relationships with Mentors, Influencers, and Strategic Partners to Grow Your Business

Within one month of launching her business, Selena got glowing testimonials from both Danielle LaPorte and Marie Forleo. Learn this lady’s jedi marketing skills, and why cultivating relationships with influencers is the fastest and most powerful way to elevate your brand. In this seminar, you’ll also learn:

  • How to add value to people who are extremely influential and may feel out of your league
  • How to network to get clients, without coming across as sleazy
  • Strategies for networking if you are an introvert
  • The most important mindset shifts you need to make in order to not feel nervous when networking
  • How Selena turned editors at Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Glamour into her friends and mentors


Stella Orange is a copywriter who grew her business to 6-figures in less than 2 years, and has written for some of the most successful coaches and thought leaders in a range of industries, helping them grow their businesses to multiple-6 and 7-figures.

Homepages that Work: 3 Simple Steps to Writing a Homepage That Makes Your Cash Register Sing

So many service professionals get so little business from their websites – but Copywriting Expert Stella Orange will teach you how you can avoid that in YOUR biz – starting with this training call on how to write your homepage. This recovering perfectionist will be sharing her top techniques to get your ideal clients to pull out the checkbook after reading your website. Stella also will be teaching:

  • The 3 biggest ways to increase the response you get on your homepage
  • A simple, painless 6-step process to get your homepage written + done
  • What you need to put on your homepage besides copy if you’re on a shoestring budget
  • A really cool exercise to help you connect with your favorite clients before even meeting them


Karie Hill

Karie Hill is a money expert, coach, writer, and speaker who teaches women how to align their money with their greatest desires and create lives they love.

My Top Three Secrets to Making Money Fun and Charging What You’re Worth

Undercharging is a trap that, all too often, women get stuck in. In this seminar, you’ll find out the #1 reason women undercharge and how to shift it instantly. Karie will then take you through how to create a business around the lifestyle you crave instead of being chained to a computer 80 hours a week. You’ll also learn:

  • Karie’s top tips for charging what you’re worth
  • How “dating your dollars” and creating a money ritual can actually boost your income
  • What mindset has to do with your ability to charge
  • The most common money mistakes women make in their first two years of business


Rachel Rodgers is a business lawyer for women and young entrepreneurs, providing online legal counsel that doesn’t break the bank or compromise service.

The Girl’s Guide to Taking Care of the Legal Sh*t

So many entrepreneurs ignore all the legal stuff that comes with running a business, so we are in luck to have business lawyer Rachel Rodgers bringing her savvy legal counsel right to you. Rachel teaches why it’s important for you to prepare for the business you want, not the business you have, and what you need to know about all the legal sh*t that comes with it! She also breaks down:

  • The 3 B’s you need to start your business the right way
  • The two legal agreements every new entrepreneur needs in her arsenal
  • How to keep it legal on your website
  • The quick and easy guide to intellectual property
  • How managing the legal side of business contributes to your bottom line


Sarah Finks is a life management expert for working women who has helped thousands of women all over the world to step into the life they were called to live.

Say Goodbye To Your “To-Do List”: 3 Secrets to Amp Up Your Productivity, Stay Focused, and Knock Out Excellent Content

To-do lists don’t work! You’ll learn why, how to eliminate them, and what to do instead in this seminar. Sarah will teach you how to implement a simple system that will leave you feeling amazing at the end of each day, knowing you used your time to grow your business rather than spinning in overwhelm. Plus, you’ll learn:

  • A simple technique to eliminate those little voices in your head that chime in every time you sit down to work.
  • A strategy you can use to stay disciplined and work when you need to so that your content never suffers
  • Her special system that allows you to no longer be at the mercy of your inbox or calendar
  • Whether or not we actually need “balance” in our life and business


After barely 2 1/2 years in business, Elizabeth Locey, Ph.D., has created a thriving 6-figure international practice as a spiritual business coach and Akashic Records channel, helping entrepreneurs + business leaders who are on a mission to make the world a better place.

Laughing All the Way to the Bank: Infallible Spiritual Practices to Bring In More Clients, Ease, and Cash Flow

Using Intuition and the Akashic Records was the secret to Elizabeth Locey’s transition from a successful but unfulfilling academic career into entrepreneurship and 6 figures in under 3 years — and in this call, she shares how they can do the same for you! Elizabeth breaks down how “everything is energy” – and how, as a new entrepreneur, you can keep your energy out of fear and IN the Abundance Zone! She will be also teaching:

  • Exactly what helped her to move from struggle to smashing success in mere weeks
  • What the Akashic records are, and why you need to connect with yours for your business
  • 3 secret weapons you can create for grace, ease, and (cash) flow right away


Kavita J Patel is a Relationship & Love Expert who helps women to finally get to the core of why they are single: their own internal blocks to love. She has helped over 250 women to reclaim their love lives, including executives at Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more.

How to Break Through in Love & Money (Yes, They Are Related!)

Your natural state is that of being completely open to love and open to money. But at a very young age, we begin to unconsciously block love AND abundance. Our resident Love Expert Kavita J Patel helps us to uncover the original sources of these blocks, and walks us through how to release them and become natural love and money magnets. She’ll also be sharing:

  • how a simple shift in perspective can take you from scarcity mode to abundance mode (both with love & money)
  • how getting to the root of and releasing old blocks creates space for love and money (And money & love are attracted to space)
  • how a relationship can actually help you to get more successful


Kelly Azevedo is the founder of She’s Got Systems, a custom coaching program that gives clients support and customized systems so they can dominate in their fields.

Build Systems to Sell More, Reduce Stress, and Grow Without the Pains

Kelly shares her concise and direct approach to the systems that needed to be in place yesterday to serve your business! She’ll teach you exactly how to utilize systems so you can complete tasks in a fraction of the time it took before, and move forward faster. Plus, you’ll get special access to Kelly’s toolbox of resources! You’ll also learn:

  • Why EVERY business needs systems no matter how big or small, funded or bootstrapped
  • The 5 Key ways that systems can earn you more income for your biz
  • How systems will save you from stress
  • Quick ways to get started with systems


Priscilla Stephan

Founder of Sweet Path Wellness, Inc, Priscilla Stephan is a Certified Healthy Living Expert, Coach, Consultant, and Motivational Speaker who works with high achieving professional women and entrepreneurs around the world who struggle with low energy, high stress, and the ever-elusive work/life balance.

The Sweet Path to Success: The 7 Healthy Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

In your first two years of business, it’s super easy to work nonstop, get burned out, and put your health and wellbeing on the backburner. Priscilla Stephan shares why this is the total opposite of what you need to do to catapult your business to success. And she should know — within her first year of entrepreneurship, Priscilla herself went from being completely burned out to living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life while running her new business. She will also be teaching:

  • The #1 mistake most entrepreneurs are making that’s costing them their health and income goals
  • The 7 Healthy Habits of highly successful entrepreneurs that create more joy, freedom and fulfillment in your life starting NOW
  • A 3 minute exercise that will help you see possibilities for more income and more joy in your life
  • The one self-care ritual that every business owner should incorporate into her daily routine for greater health and biz success


Jennifer Donough

Jennifer Donogh is an owner and President of Ovaleye.tv, producing live, online events
using Ovaleye’s streaming media engine. She is also the host of the weekly live show, Young Female Entrepreneurs.

Be Open to Change—But Know Who You Are

At just 28 years old, Jennifer has been featured as a Champion of Change by the Obama administration for her work with Young Female Entrepreneurs and Fast Co. in their Change Generation series. In this call, she shares the best lessons she learned through creating her business, Ovaleye.tv, where she produces live, online events. She will also be teaching:

  • Why you need to work your butt off in figuring out who you are before starting anything: What do you love to do? What are your priorities in life? What is your work ethic like?
  • The lessons she learned early on that you can use at the beginning of entrepreneurship
  • Her advice for women wanting to start businesses outside of their major (which she did – successfully!)


KC Baker is a two-time TEDx speaker who has been hailed as “one of the top planetary change makers” by Origin Magazine.

Commitment: The Secret To Making Your Mission & Business Go Gangbusters

KC Baker’s own struggle to claim her true voice triggered a decade-long spiritual and vocational quest that carried her from energy healers in Asia to the TEDxWomen stage in San Francisco. In this seminar, KC shares her unorthodox teachings on public speaking and the power of commitment in building your business exponentially. She also reveals:

  • The one thing to share over and over in all your messaging that will build a loyal following
  • The importance of team
  • Why you need to “make it real,” put it on a calendar, and announce it
  • The impact KC’s commitment ceremony has had on her success


Kathryn Budig

Kathryn Budig is a jet-setting yoga teacher to the stars who has been featured on E! Entertainment, The Food Network, Forbes Women, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Make Your Aim True to Succeed

Kathryn Budig has used her yoga practice and expertise to create a life overflowing with travel, abundance, and giving back. In this seminar, she shares what shifts have made a huge impact on her success and how you can use yoga as a tool to conquer your fears and thrive. You’ll also learn:

  • How to learn and discover your own unique talents to make progress
  • How to stand out from the crowd
  • The importance of taking risks and getting outside of your comfort zone
  • How to define the difference between love and fear
  • The real definition of success


Share Ross

Share Ross, former bassist for 80’s platinum-selling all-female rock band, Vixen, has had years of success as a video editor and producer and now helps female entrepreneurs unleash their inner rockstar on camera.

How To Lose Your Video Worries For Good

Did you know that videos are shared 1,200% more than links and text posts combined? Now is the time to get on camera! If fears are stopping you from sharing yourself in videos, you’re in the right place. In this seminar, Share is revealing her method for releasing the top 5 on-camera fears, which she developed after hundreds of interviews. You’ll also learn:

  • Why video is so important for your business
  • How to get around the technology of creating online videos
  • How to overcome the concern that your videos might now be good enough for your brand
  • How to be yourself on camera


Sarah Evans, chief evangelist at Tracky and owner of Sevans Strategy, has been called one of Vanity Fair’s “America’s Tweethearts”, is one of Forbes’ 14 Power Women to Follow on Twitter and was one of Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Hot Startups of 2010.

Using Open Social Collaboration and #Workhacks to Be Your Best Publicist

The amount of work flow we currently have as entrepreneurs simply does not allow us enough time to get to all the things we’d like to do for our business. This leaves most entrepreneurs missing out on doing essential public relations activities, like generating media, following up on marketing, and getting active in social media. So, what’s the answer? Sarah Evans shares her time-saving secrets for managing your social networks, and much more, like:

  • Why it is important to find time for public relations, managing your website, blog, and social networks, even when you feel you don’t have the time
  • The tools available for creating customized content and managing your social networks so can save time
  • Why open social collaboration is so important for your business, and how to streamline the sharing, curation and aggregation of social content.
  • What components you need in your PR plan when you are a small but mighty team


Ishita Gupta is the founder of Fear.less magazine, the digital magazine profiling leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, and artists on how to live without fear.

Use Confidence + Self-Trust to Build Your Business Right

Ishita Gupta’s Fear.less magazine has been called “Fast Company meets Oprah” by its 15,000 (& growing) readers. In this call, Ishta gets honest about her journey to this point and breaks down exactly what you need to do in the beginning to build your business. Plus, she’ll be sharing:

  • The most important questions you need to ask yourself in the early stages of creating your business
  • Why you need to think in terms of problems; not just what you do — but what people need help with
  • Why clarity is a result of action not thought — and why trial-and-error is an integral part of building your business


Nitika Chopra is a certified life coach, and is the passionate, colorful and inspirational voice behind www.YourBellaLife.com, the online lifestyle magazine she founded in 2009.

Start Living Your Ideal Life Today: How to Make Your Dreams a Reality Starting Right Now

Nitika Chopra, creator of the popular inspiration website Your Bella Life, takes us behind the scenes in how she created her site, involved inspirational experts, and built the site into an engaged and interested online community of like-minded women. She also shares:

  • The #1 thing she attributes her success to
  • The most important places for new entrepreneurs to put their time & money
  • How long it took her to generate consistent cash flow, and her tips on creating a financially successful business


Nisha Moodley is a former foodaholic, shopaholic and workaholic, turned freedom junkie, who broke free from addiction and is on a mission to champion women’s freedom.

Redefine Success & Create a Life of Freedom

Most of us walk through life doing all the things we think we “should” do, only to feel like we’re tethered to someone else’s dream, instead of being truly free. In this call with Business & Life Freedom Coach, Nisha Moodley, we’ll explore:

  • How Nisha went from compulsive overeater to emotional eating coach; from soul-sucking job to a soul-fulfilling career; from divorced to madly in love…all in less than 8 years.
  • Your unique definition of success and how to stay connected to it
  • The little-known key to making mindset shifts stick, so you can put an end to self-sabotage
  • How to know what steps to take each day to move you in the direction of your desires
  • The #1 thing that women need that is often the #1 thing we ignore


Alexis is a personal development writer, speaker, and media personality, and has been called “the self-help voice of her generation.”

Dive Into Fear: Dream Big So Your Biz Can GET Big

If you don’t DREAM big, your business can’t GET big! But often, fear keeps us thinking small. In this seminar, Alexis will help you get out of this trap and create space to really go wild with what you want. She’ll then break down the loaded question of “How do you get what you really want?” into tangible steps you can begin taking right away. She’s also teaching you how to:

  • Manage the expectations of where you thought you’d be right now in life, and where you actually are.
  • Identify what’s working for you in your life and what’s not
  • Define success on your own terms
  • Use fear to serve you rather than hold you back


Alexia Vernon is a public speaker, author, coach, trainer, and media personality as seen on CNN, NBC, FOX Business News and more.

Use Public Speaking to Build Your Client Base

The avenue of public speaking is ripe for establishing your expertise and building an instant rapport with prospective clients. So how do you get started? Alexia will be teaching the most important steps to take in order to build your platform, client base, and spread your message on the stage – and how you can overcome serious stage fright. Plus, she’s sharing:

  • Her top advice for getting booked as a speaker
  • How to find the topics to speak on when just starting out
  • The subtle and significant shift that will get rid of stage fright once and for all
  • How to stay in your power as a speaker when selling from the stage


Molly Mahar

Molly Mahar is a coach, fierce love advocate, joy enthusiast, and the founder of Stratejoy.com.

The Audacity of Authenticity (in your business)

Being yourself is more important in life than being perfect, liked, or right. And it is a non-negotiable when it comes to creating a long-lasting, profitable, and influential business. Molly dives into the challenges you face in the pursuit of authenticity as you build your business, and she’ll be teaching on:

  • Why you need to hang with your people as much as you hang with your colleagues
  • How to trust that you are enough (and why you need this in your biz)
  • Why being you is easier than imitation (and feels so much better)
  • How to feel Lit Up – and how to follow that feeling


Jordana Jaffe

Jordana Jaffe created Embarkabilty in 2010 with the mission and intention to inspire, empower, and teach women how to start and grow their own successful businesses. She believes that you don’t need to leave your success to chance and that your dream life is yours for the taking.

The Mindset of Success: How to Guarantee Your Business Superstardom No Matter What

Starting a business requires courage, initiative and lots of faith. Succeeding in a business requires much more, however. Have no fear! Jordana will teach you, step by step, how to 100% guarantee your success as a woman entrepreneur. During this call, you’ll also:

  • Discover what you must do everyday to set you up for success
  • Learn the real reason why you haven’t yet achieved what you want
  • Identify the one thing that all successful entrepreneurs have in common


Incredible women, right?

I was beyond myself with excitement to have all these women and their broad expertise with me at this event. That’s why I call this your “one-stop shop.” Working with these women individually would cost you thousands of dollars, but now you can get their most solicited advice for a tiny fraction of that, and you can find out exactly what focused actions you need to take today to grow your business exponentially.

We’re also gifting you with tons of extra goodies that are included in your package, hand-picked by our experts to make sure that you would be getting the products that would benefit your business most.

The New Entrepreneur’s Business Blueprint Bonus Toolbox:

10-Day Money Makeover

The 10-Day Money Makeover is written like a real makeover and is perfect for the woman with messy money who wants an easy, fun way to get it cleaned up. By the end of ten days, you’ll be totally organized and excited about all the extra cash.

Value: $49

Thank you to Karie Hill for contributing this gift.

Conquering Email Chaos Program

Kelly Azevedo - Conquering Email Chaos Program (2)

Ready to take control of your email and finally conquer your inbox? Get four high-value training calls, worksheets, and over 20 targeted instructional videos showing you how to tame and manage your email accounts for good.

Value: $247

Thank you to Kelly Azevedo for contributing this gift.

Your Time Breakthrough Call


You get 30 minutes of personal time with Sarah in the Your Time Breakthrough Call. Discuss your current struggles around time or life management issues, and leave with a clear direction for what needs to happen next in order to reach your goals.

Value: $99

Thank you to Sarah Finks for contributing this gift.

The Art of the Interview

Learn the secrets of giving good interviews both as the interviewer and the interviewee on video. Grow your business with Skype video interviews!

Value: $60

Thank you to Share Ross for contributing this gift.

How to Launch your Product with a Live Stream (video)


Live streaming is going to be huge in 2013 for brands: both as a marketing strategy and for service delivery. We’ve all heard already that video is important. So, why is LIVE video so much better? Not sure of what creating a professional live webcasting environment built to your objective takes? In this replay of our live event you will learn…

  1. Why live streaming is the most effective way to launch your new program or product in 2013?
  2. What you will need and what you should prepare before your event
  3. What it will cost in terms of time and money.

Value: $7

Thank you to Jennifer Donough for contributing this gift.

The Sweet Path Wellness Guide to Eating Out without Blowing Your Diet + a Complimentary Breakthrough Session

If you’re a woman on the go who regularly finds yourself eating out for business or pleasure, then this guide is for YOU. In the pages that follow, you’ll discover my tools, tricks, and strategies for eating out without blowing your diet or bursting out of your clothes.

The tips and tools I share will help you find the sweeter path to wellness—and a healthier approach to eating out—so that you can be who you need to be in the world without worrying about how your success in business is sabotaging your weight, wellness, or well-being. Plus, the 1-page Fool-Proof Cheat Sheet (hello purse!) takes all the guesswork out of eating out and adds in all the pleasure so you know exactly what to eat and where. The result is a delicious meal, zero guilt and a tiny waistline. Sweet!

Value: $47

Thank you to Priscilla Stephan for contributing this gift.

They Won’t Pay You Gourmet Prices If Your Copy Screams Fast Food: How to Write Copy That Attracts High-Quality Clients Who Happily Pay You Premium Rates

You don’t need to be a “writer” to craft copy that makes your cash register sing. In this content-packed 16 page PDF, you’ll get the low down on what makes writing look cheap – and how to turn it into stronger copy that attracts a more sophisticated clientele. Includes several simple “roll up your sleeves” exercises, plus training in how to write “pull questions” – a core copywriting skill that helps you connect with your readers. Also includes a bonus section: “How to write pull questions like a Jedi.”

Value: $27

Thank you to Stella Orange for contributing this gift.

6 Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Network

The biggest givers are the biggest getters. Learn 6 simple ways to help the people in your network. It’s easier than you think!

Value: $30

Thank you to Selena Soo for contributing this gift.

Pimp Your Brand: 4 Secrets to Make More Money + Make an Impact with Your Brand

Do you want a brand that stands out from the crowd and makes you more money? Kristen shares these branding secrets with you in this 60-minute audio training.

Value: $97

Thank you to Kristen Domingue for contributing this gift.

Your Project-Based Lifestyle: How to Create Structure Around Your Many Projects

Gen Y is embracing a more project-based rather than career-oriented life. A large percentage of young, female entrepreneurs have done this, whether it’s through freelancing, creating multiple businesses, or by creating projects within their businesses. In this presentation, Rachel Rodgers, a lawyer who works primarily with young entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs, shares how women entrepreneurs and freelancers can create structures around their project-based lifestyles. Rachel shares legal points to consider while bringing in real life stories to illustrate how to manage a project-based lifestyle that evolves over time.

Value: $25

Thank you to Rachel Rodgers for contributing this gift.

Business Strategy Session with Jordana


Sign up for a complimentary Business Strategy Session with Jordana and review your goals, discuss your current struggles, and create a plan for your business moving forward. This is a great opportunity to get super clear on what you want for yourself and your business and to map out a step by step strategy so you can start seeing results asap.

Value: $197

Consider this an invitation to go from a business newbie to a success story, as you begin implementing these strategies in your business and forging your voice and spot in the marketplace.

Get your complete, unlimited access to the New Entrepreneur’s Business Blueprint Seminar Package and get the strategies you need for your business to skyrocket! You’ll have unlimited, lifelong access to all 22 seminars, full transcripts of the calls, and each of the bonuses to work through.

The Seminar Package includes:

All 22 mp3’s of the classes

Downloadable transcripts so you can easily take notes and go deeper into the material

The New Entrepreneur’s Business Blueprint Bonus Toolbox, featuring products from our experts to give you additional support in your business plan!

Get it today, and start making the impact (and the cash)
you want to make!