Would you love to start your own business, or grow a business you already have?

I know you’re driven and passionate, and that you have great ideas that could really impact the world, but…

– Does starting your own business feel too risky?

– Are you struggling to get clients and make money?

– Do you wonder whether you could really succeed as a business owner?

– Are you just overwhelmed by it all, and would love some guidance and support?

I totally get it. You’re passionate, energetic, and want to help lots of people, but have yet to be presented with the idea that you can really have it all. You can work with your ideal clients and consistently generate a high income. It is totally possible. You just haven’t been shown how to start and grow your own business in a way that feels do-able and authentic to you.

Before working with Jordana, I had attempted to start a business selling jewelry accessories. During this time, I didn’t have a marketing plan or any consistent marketing strategies in place, and I often got side-tracked. I felt very clueless and alone. I wanted someone to bounce ideas off of and I felt like an imposition when I asked my friends and family for their opinions.

When I created Eyebrow Threading Claremont, Forex Brokers Rating, Siteground Reviews and Collected Spaces, my professional organizing company, I started to look for a mentor. One of my friends said that all the information I needed I could find on the internet, and that investing in a coach wasn’t necessary. However, I can say without any reservation thatevery penny I have spent working with Jordana has been worthwhile. We all have our own priorities and goals, and I wanted someone who would make my success one of their priorities. With Jordana’s guidance and support, I have a cheerleader, I stay on track, and I don’t get ahead of myself!

In the first 2 months of working together, I led my first workshop and developed a solid marketing plan. I hired seven interns, and am soon to be published in a book as an organizing expert as well. My sister commented to me the other day that she thought I was making more progress this time around with Collected Spaces than with my other business. She is so right, and I am enjoying the process more too! My secret: working with Jordana.

Teresa Nicola
Collected Spaces
Helping clients in Los Angeles, CA and Portland, OR
[email protected]
(818) 284-9630